“I strongly recommend Cape Town builders to anyone looking for a one stop shop that covers every aspect of the building industry. The Builders I got from Cape Town Builders are faultless and their workmanship is very good. I hired them to convert my garage into my home office and if you look at the before pictures and what it looks now its unbelievable. As I write I have hired the same team to build my boundary walls, courtyard paving and conversion of my basement space into living quarters. They are also in the process of starting to renovate my studio. They virtually do everything you can think of as long its construction”
In Gardens
“Its been my second year renovating my house I bought here in Plumstead. When I started I did the mistake of trying to find the builders myself and they all came up with several mistakes until a friend gave me the website www.capetownbuilders.com to request a professional builder to come and quote on site. The professionalism and high level of attentiveness the builders demonstrated from the day I gave them the job was amazing. They went on to extend my house by adding an ensuite bathroom by doing the brickwork, plumbing, tiling and painting at a very affordable price compared to the quotes I got from other builders. If you want a renovation or construction job done right the first time you have got to call these guys”
In Plumstead
“The manner in which the team got off with a project I imagined to be huge shocked me. They took a project other builders said would take at least three months and completed it within a month. I got to a point where I took a break from my own work to watch these guys work and I must say I was inspired by members of Cape Town Builders team. My wife asked me to check their website after she heard about them from a friend. After the construction job was all over and done we promised to invite the whole team for a braai but we are still waiting for the response”
In Panorama
“I have been around for over 50 years in cape town but never came across a bunch of professional builders l got from Cape Town builders association. I got their details from my daughter soon after they finished adding an extra braai room and bedroom to her house in Constantia. These guys they made me realize that im getting old by exceeding my expectations beyond reasonable doubt. The lad who was the project manager was very patient with all the detail as I explained it and they even went the extra mile of giving me a free service of painting my cottage for free on Nelson Mandela day last year. I just love these guys from Cape Town builders association”
Mr Cairncross
In Bishop Court
“You guys are great I only wish I could buy a property right now and have you build it from scratch because what you did in my apartment is something I will take to the grave. You did all the work of bringing the whole team together from the architect, engineer, builder, plumber, electrician, tiler and painter. I think that’s what makes you the best this ability of bringing the whole puzzle together and work together as a mastermind. Thank you Cape Town Builders people you rock”
From Sea Point